Introduction Course

This course will get you familiar with Relay42 and with our platform. During the course you will learn important terminology and our way of working. 


Beginners' Course

This course covers the fundamentals of online data collection, segmentation, and activation of your data. You will also learn how data can enable you to activate customers by offering them personalized content on your own domain, or on third party platforms, using tags or server-to-server connectors.

Intermediate Course

In this course, we will put your gained knowledge from the previous course to the test. We will discuss how to configure and work with the Relay42 platform, to accelerate your business with Relay42.

Strategy Course

This Strategy course centers on subjects such as goal setting, measuring success, and brainstorming use cases. Furthermore, it will introduce you to the Test&Learn workflow, a working method that you can apply to continuously create, review and adapt use cases in order to reach your goals.